Ministry of General Affairs



His Excellency Mr. Gilmar Pisas is the Prime Minister of Curaçao. He serves as the Minister of General Affairs and Foreign Relations, with responsibility for national security and communication. Mr. Pisas was a member of Curaçao Law Enforcement Agency for over 20 years, first as a police officer and later as an investigator. In this his second term as Prime Minister, Mr. Pisas is working at solidifying Curaçao’s role as a leading logistics hub in the Caribbean and strengthening regional cooperation.

Djurick Comenentia Chief of Staff Prime Minister’s Cabinet

Saran Inderson is a lawyer working in the Office of the Minister Plenipotentiary of Curaçao in The Hague. She ran a law firm for 11 years before becoming a senior policy officer for foreign relations within the Government of Curaçao in 2019. She also served as dean of Curaçao Bar Association and acting chair of the supervisory board of Curaçao’s utility company, Aqualectra. Saran holds law degrees from the University of the Netherlands Antilles and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She is the founder and chair of Fundashon Chabelita, a foundation that repairs public school facilities through private donations.

Roxienne Abertina is the spokesperson and public relations officer for the prime minister of Curaçao. She has more than 40 years of experience in a wide range of areas including policy advising, project coordination and implementation, and organizational communication. A well-respected international trainer and facilitator, Roxienne holds master’s degrees in Business Administration and Human Resource Management from the University of the Netherlands Antilles. She has received several notable awards for her leadership in Toastmasters International.

تحقيق الاحلام وخلق الفرص

Living in possibility
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